Sunday, February 26, 2012


Due to overwhelming response, Virtualand managed to hold 3 rounds of tournaments today (26 Feb 2012) at NEX.

All “ninjas” failed in their missions today as none of the ninja Siegfried win the champion.

Anyway, thanks to Virtualand for the venue for the tournament and thanks to Sky & Adrian for organising the tournaments, especially Sky as he managed to repair one of the machines’ button and thanks to Kuang & Ricky for helping out in organising the tournaments. Lastly must thanks to all the participants who came all the way to NEX to join in the fun to compete with each other in the tournaments.

Congratulations to the 3 Champions.

Below are the results, videos and some pictures of the tournaments.

There is no Round 1 video as I was playing in the Final.

Round 2 Final Video - Galleon vs Kaiser Coral (Part 1 & 2)

Round 3 Final Video - Kaiser Coral vs Death Scorch (Part 1 & 2)


Round 1
1) Kaiser Coral vs 2) Master Leo - Master Leo won
3) Ninja Trained Siegfried vs 4) Kaiser Coral - Ninja Trained Siegfried won
5) Kaiser Coral vs 6) Master Leo - Master Leo won
7) Atlas vs 8) Galleon - Atlas won
9) Death Scorch vs 10) Galleon - D Scorch won
11) Ninja Trained Siegfried vs 12) Scorch - Ninja Trained Siegfried won
13) Ninja Trained Siegfried vs 14) Master Leo - Master Leo won
15) Master Leo vs 16) Death Scorch - Death Scorch won

Round 2
2) Death Scorch vs 3) Ninja Trained Siegfried - Death Scorch won
6) Master Leo vs 7) Atlas - Master Leo won
9) Death Scorch vs 11) Ninja Trained Siegfried - Death scorch won
14) Master Leo vs 16) Death Scorch - Death Scorch won

2) Death Scorch vs 6) Master Leo - Death Scorch won
9) Master Leo vs 16) Death Scorch - Death Scorch won

2) Death Scorch vs 16) Death Scorch - 2) Death Scorch won

Congrats to Kenneth for winning the Gold Champion Great White Shark.

$50 cash on the other hand???

For Round 2, I only managed to get the semi-final & the final results as round 2 was really very fast.

Wei Xing (Galleon) vs Siew Ling (Death Scorch) - Galleon won
Pauline (Atlas) vs Yu Heng (Kaiser Coral) - Kaiser Coral won

Wei Xing (Galleon) vs Yu Heng (Kaiser Coral) - Wei Xing (Galleon) won

Congrats to Wei Xing for winning the Gold Champion Bald Eagle.


Round 1
1) Galleon vs 2) Master Leo - Master Leo won
3) Master Leo vs 4) Death Scorch - Death Scorch won
5) Ninja Trained Siegfried vs 6) Ninja Trained Siegfried - 5) Ninja Trained Siegfried won
7) Kaiser Coral vs 8) Galleon - Kaiser Coral won
9) Kaiser Coral vs 10) Ninja Trained Siegfried - Ninja Trained Siegfried won
11) Kaiser Coral vs 12) Kaiser Coral - 12) Kaiser Coral won
13) Ninja Trained Siegfried vs 14) Death Scorch - Death Scorch won
15) Master Leo vs 16) Atlas - Master Leo won

Round 2
2) Master Leo vs 4) Death Scorch - Master Leo won
5) Ninja Trained Siegfried vs 7) Kaiser Coral - Kaiser Coral won
10) Siegfried vs 12) Galleon - Galleon won
14) Death scorch vs 15) Master Leo - Death Scorch won

2) Master Leo vs 7) Kaiser Coral - Kaiser Coral won
12) Galleon vs 14) Death Scorch - Death Scorch won

7) Kaiser Coral vs 14) Death Scorch - Death Scorch won

Congrats to Ying Xiang for winning the Gold Champion Lowland Gorilla. There's some $50 cash on the other hand????

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blue Coral Snake in Action

Although the health of blue coral snake is only 1000 but it took more than 3 minutes for Kaiser Coral to beat Blue Coral Snake.
Don't believe? Take a look at the video below.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


AK Evo 3 launched today (22 Feb 2012) in Singapore at most of the arcade game shops.

There are total 79 cards (42 Animal Cards; 20 Strong Cards; 17 Miracle Cards):

- 2 ultra rare cards (Kaiser Coral & Ninja Trained Siegfried).

- 5 gold cards (Geomon, Red Knee Tarantula, Hercules Beetle, Lowland Gorilla & King Cobra).

- 10 silver cards (Konsuke, Giraffe Stag Beetle, Starburst Tarantula, Caucasus Beetle, Ninja Fighters, Royal Lineage, Chivalrous Fighters, Saturn Saw, Great Comet & Black Hole).

- 13 bronze cards (Tanumaru, Komodo Dragon, Grey-headed Flying Fox, Apollo the Liger Cub, Master Jumbo, Absolute Warrior, Stage of Honor, Crude Tactics, Go Forth, Alien Egg I, Alien Egg M, Ice Meteor & Alien Egg A).

- 49 normal cards.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Virtualand at NEX will be organising a tournament on 26 Feb 2012 (Sunday) at 12pm.
Registration fee is $5.
Please make payment to Virtualand at NEX (look for Sky) to secure a place in the tournament.
Original Japanese and English AK cards are allowed in the tournament.

First Prize : Gold deck card Box and one of the new Champ kit (Bald Eagle, Lowland Gorilla or Great White Shark)
2nd Prize : Silver deck card box
3rd Prize : free Hero of Robot card
4th Prize : free Hero of Robot card
5th prize : free Vanguard card
6th prize : free Vanguard card
7th prize & 8th Prize will decide later:

National Animal Kaiser Championship 2012

Dear all Animal Kaiser Fans,

The long awaited National Animal Kaiser Championship 2012 is HERE!!! 32 Winners from 7-11 stores tournaments will battle it out during the March Holiday Grand Final.

What : National Animal Kaiser Championship 2012
When : 10 March 2012 (Saturday), 1pm
Where : E2MAX @ Orchard Cineleisure Level 9 (AK Club)
How : 32 Players Knockout Battle
Fee : Free

Prizes :
National Animal Kaiser Championship 2012 :

Grand Champion :
Gold Championship Trophy
Animal Kaiser Evolution 3 - Ultra rare boss cards + 3 Gold foil cards

Silver Champion :
Silver Champion Medal
Animal kaiser Evolution 3 - 4 Silver foil cards

7-11 Stores tournaments on
25 February 2012 (Saturday) at 1pm at the following locations:
- Blk.888 Woodlands Drive 50 (888 Plaza) #01-705 S730888
- Blk.548 Woodlands Drive 44 #01-09 Vista Point S730548
- Blk.768 Woodlands Avenue 6 #01-06 S730768
- No.70 Woodlands Avenue 7 #01-03 Admiralty MRT Station S738344
- Blk.524A Jelepang Road Greenridge Shopping Centre #02-16/17 S671524
- Blk.445 Fajar Road #01-556 S670445
- Blk.259 Bukit Panjang Ring Road #01-20 S671259
- Blk.137 Teck Whye Lane #01-331 S680137

7-11 Stores tournaments on 3 March 2012 (Saturday) at 1pm at the following locations:
- Blk.533 Choa Chu Kang Street 51 #01-19A Limbang Shopping Centre S680533
- Blk.623 Choa Chu Kang Street 62 #01-216 (Next to Yew Tee MRT Station) S680623
- No.21 Hougang Green Street 51 #01-17 to 21 Hougang Green Shopping Mall S538719
- Blk.532 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 #01-2455 S560532
- No.1 Sengkang Square #01-33 to 36 Compass Point S545078 (Tournament will start at 4pm instead of 1pm)
- Blk.118 Rivervale Drive #01-05/06 Rivervale Plaza S540118
- Blk18 Bedok South Road #01-65 S460018
- Blk.802 Tampines Avenue 4 #01-09 S520802

How : 16 Players knockout Battle
Fee : $10 store purchase + $10 registration fee

Store Tournament :
Winner : Limited Edition Gold Champion Card + Gold Box set (Tournament Slot @ Grand Final)
1st Runner up : Limited Edition Silver Box set (Tournament Slot @ Grand Final)
All Participants : Exclusive Tournament Promotion card

Terms & Conditions :

1. NRIC / any form of identification document must be presented for verification.

2. Participants should turn up 30min earlier for the verification - Absentees or latecomers (15min before commencement of Tournament) will be automatically disqualified and opponent scores a walkover.

3. Only original version 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or Animal Kaiser Evolution version 1, 2, 3 English Animal Kaiser Cards are allowed. All participants’ cards will be checked by Tournament Officials before they can be scanned for use.

4. Participants are not allowed to change their card combo during the tournament.

5. Any participant who displays poor sportsmanship or undesirable behaviour such as use of vulgarities will be disqualified.

6. Tournament Official’s decision on results is Final. Organizer reserves the right to amend Terms & Conditions.

7. For enquiries, please email to us – or post your question on our fanpage –

So visit the nearest participating 7-11 stores and grab your registration form, see you at the Grand Final =D !

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Animal Kaiser Facebook Tournament League B Results (Round 1)


Battle 1 - Vampire Bat (Gabriel Joaquin D Pili, Philippines) VS Dead Leaf Mantis(James Hayward, New Zealand) - Vampire Bat WON (watch video)

Battle 2 - Master Icarus (Desmond Yeo, Singapore) VS Schwarz (Abram Kris Wicaksono, Indonesia) - Master Icarus WON (watch video)

Battle 3 - Siegfried (Fairuza Mahandewi Priyanka, Indonesia) VS Grey-headed Flying Fox (Ihsan Bintang) - Siegfried WON (watch video)

Battle 4 - Dunkleosteus (Fan Wei Siang, Malaysia) VS Lion (Maple Max, Malaysia) - Dunkleosteus WON (watch video)

Battle 5 - Ares (Animal Kaiser (Malaysia) Fan Page, Malaysia) VS King Cobra (Amy Hayward, New Zealand) - Ares WON (watch video)

Battle 6 - Poseidon (Epent Aja, Indonesia) VS Lowland Gorilla (Nauarana Badalge Axel, Singapore) - Lowland Gorilla WON (watch video)

Battle 7 - Champion Lion (Marvin John Carabeo, Philippines) VS Galleon (Gavin Lim, Singapore) - Galleon WON (watch video)

Battle 8 - Golden Stag Beetle (Hadirah, Singapore) VS Master Leo (Xavier Wong, Singapore) - Golden Stag Beetle WON (watch video)

Friday, February 17, 2012


The new boss will be Ninja Wolf.
The new animals will be Komodo Dragon (appeared so soon), Hercules Beetle, Red Knee Tarantula, Giraffe Stag Beetle, Ninja Trained Bear and Gorilla (not in Japanese Version), etc.

Friday, February 10, 2012


The new AK Japanese Version is finally here!
There will be team battle in this new version as can be seen in the picture below.
The trailer for this new version will be released tomorrow (17 Feb 2012) at 1400 hours in

Here's the video of the new AK team battle.




New AK Japanese version coming soon???
The mystery will reveal in 5 days time in

Make your own countdown timer.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Animal Kaiser Evolution 3 is finally here.
It will be launched somewhere in 22 Feb 2012.
The 2 Ultra Rare cards will be Ninja Trained Siegfried and Kaiser Coral.
Seems like there is a new animal not in Japanese version which is the Ninja Trained Gorilla as can be seen in the poster below.
Evo 3 boss should be Ninja Wolf.

These are the animal, strong & miracle cards that will not appear in Evo 3.
So gotta get them all before they are gone.

All master animals will not be in Evo 3, but how about Master Jumbo as it's not in the exclusion list below?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Timezone AK Grand Championship 2011

Timezone is holding the Champion of the Champion tournament on 11 Feb 2012 & 12 Feb 2012. Those who won the gold champion in Timezone tournament in 2011 will be qualified to participate in this Grand Championship 2011 tournament.