Saturday, November 26, 2011

Animal Kaiser Team Champions League Qualifying Round At Bishan Junction 8 on 25 Nov 2011

Thanks to 11 teams participating in the AK Team Champion League tournament qualifying round at Bishan Junction 8 on 25 Nov 2011.

All the teams have gone through tough and exciting battles. Well done to all the teams and thanks for your patience. There are laughters, cheering and crying during the tournament that make it so interesting and exciting.

The 2 teams that will be going to the Grand Final at Suntec on 23 Dec 2011 are AK Fishermen (Champion) and Karate Kids (1st Runner Up). Congrats to these 2 teams.

The Champion for the qualifying round received 3 Gold Champion cards (Great White Shark, Bald Eagle and Lowland Gorilla) and 3 gold Evo gold boxes.
The 1st Runner Up received 3 Gold Bengal Tiger Champion cards and 3 gold boxes.
The 2nd Runner Up received 3 Evo silver boxes.

Lastly, we must thank Virtualand for their support in this team champions league tournaments. Without their support, we will not be able to organise this event successfully.

Below are some videos and photos of the event.

This is the the final round video which decide the Champion.

This is an interesting video which show Velez Ray won Atlas in one of the rounds during the tournament.

Champion - AK Fishermen
(I suggested their team name & help them registered for this tourney. They should give me a Gold Champ card in return. LOL!)

First Runner Up - Karate Kids

2nd Runner Up - Wong Family

3rd Runner Up - AK Almighty

Lion (2 cute lions)


Lim Pek

Aligned Force

AK Ultimate

Avengers (Finally revealed their true form)

AK Spies (From Right Agent 005, 006 & 007)

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