Thursday, December 22, 2011

Animal Kaiser Team Champions League 2011 Grand Final on 23 Dec 2011 at Suntec Star Factory

The committee had a last minute urgent meeting and decided to include prizes for 2nd and 3rd runner up.

The revised prizes will be as follow :
1st Prize 5 champ kits (lion + Tiger + Evol 3 champ ) x 3 Sets + CASH $300
2nd Prize 4 Champ kits (Tiger + Evol 3 Champ ) x 3 sets +CASH $120
3rd Prize 3 Champ Kits (Evol 3 champ) x 3 sets
4th Prize 3 Champ Kits x 1 sets only

There will be an Early Bird Tournament @ 12pm at Star Factory Suntec City
Limited to 16 individual, no team needed so you can sign up but the team finalist cannot participate in this early bird tournament.
Registration fee is $5.
Champion will win the extinct Champion Lion card.
So if you want to get hold of the Lion Champion cards, this is the time to fight for it now or never !!!!!
1st Runner up will win Silver Deck box.

For the “Guess Who The Champion Team”, there will be 4 pcs. of Evo Champion kits to be given away as prizes.

There will be another 8 pcs.of Evo Champion kits to be given away as Lucky Draw after the final match.
If your name is drawn and you are not there to receive the price, the committee will re-draw, so do not leave until the draw had ended!

So there will be total 12 pcs. of Champion kits to be won in the lucky draw.

Food and cake will be serve before the start of the grand final team tournament.

As Star Factory at Suntec has drinks vending machine. Therefore, we did not order drink. You may want to bring your own water bottle or you can buy drinks from the vending machine.

So see you there this coming Friday.

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