Monday, January 21, 2013


Games Credit Asia (GCA) will be holding AK tournaments at various 7-Eleven stores and some other stores on 26 Jan 2013 at 1pm and 5pm.
The locations of the tournaments are shown in the poster below.

Right click and open the image in a new tab for a larger image view.

*Minimum purchase at store not required.

Tournament Format
Bracket : 16
Tournament No : Draw Lots
Type : Single Elimination
Card Usage : ONLY Original English Version Animal Kaiser Cards
Card Dispense : OFF
Age : All welcome
Prize : All participants get limited edition tournament promo card
Winner : Exclusive Gold Champion Card, Card holder box (Gold), Qualify for Champions Tournament
Store purchase : $5 worth of any items
Registration Fee : $10 per person
Registration Start : 18 Jan 2013
Registration End : 26 Jan 2013 (10 minutes before tournament start)

1) Purchase any $5 worth of items at the participating 7-11 stores, ask the friendly store staff for Animal Kaiser Store Tournament registration list.
2) Fill up the tournament registration list and return to the staff.
3) Make sure you fill up your particulars accurately (IMPORTANT: this your proof to participate for the tournament on the actual day and participation in the lucky draw).
4) On the day of tournament, please submit a $10 registration fee to the tournament official.
5) Finally remember to bring your winning animal kaiser card combination, may the best person win!

Champions Tournament
Date : 3 Feb 2013 (Sun)
Time : 2 PM
Venue : E2MAX @ Orchard Cineleisure Level 9
"32 Winners from store tournament will have a final showdown in the Champions Tournament, who will emerge as the Champion of Champions ?"

Prize for Champions Tournament :
1st : Gold Trophy
2nd : Silver Medal
3rd : Bronze Medal

Lucky Draw for all - After Champions Tournament
1st : Ultra Rare Card + AK Notebook + Random Card Pack x 50 pcs
2nd : Gold Rare Card + AK Notebook + Random Card Pack x 30 pcs
3rd : Silver Rare Card + AK Notebook + Random Card Pack x 20 pcs
10 Consolation Prize : Random Card Pack x 10 pcs

Terms and Conditions
1) If you emerge as the champion for 1 store, you are not allow to participate in another store for the same month.
2) During the actual day of tournament, participants need to pay $10 registration fee to official.
3) NRIC / Student ID or any form of identification document must be presented for verification of identity.
4) Participants should turn up 30min earlier for the verification - Absentees or latecomers (10mins after commencement of Tournament) will be automatically disqualified and opponent scores a walkover.
5) All participants’ cards will be checked by Tournament Officials before they can be scanned for use.
6) Participants are not allowed to change their card combination throughout all the matches.
7) Any participant who displays poor sportsmanship or undesirable behaviour such as use of vulgarities will be disqualified.
8) Tournament Official’s decision on results is Final. Organizer reserves all rights to amend the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.
9) *Minimum purchase at store not required.
10) For enquiries, please email to: or post your question on the fanpage: