Monday, December 2, 2013


Finally, the Grand Final for the OmOcha AK Legend of Champion is here at OmOcha!! World on 30 Nov 2013.

During the Grand Final, Special Awards are given out to the Heavenly Kings, Heavenly Guardians and Honorary Black Belt. Congrats to all the recipients for the above awards.

Heavenly King, Kuang Yu Xuan

Heavenly King, Kuang Yu Heng

Heavenly King, Kang Tuan Vi

Heavenly King, Gregory Teng (Uncle Cheong received medal on behalf)

Heavenly King, Lin Jing Ting

Heavenly Guardian, Kang H N

Heavenly Guardian, Melvin Chiu

Heavenly Guardian, Lin Jing Ting

Heavenly Guardian, Max Goh

Honorary Black Belt, Samuel Li

Honorary Black Belt, Uncle Cheong

Honorary Black Belt, Kang H N

Honorary Black Belt, Max Goh

Honorary Black Belts, From Left: Samuel Li, Kang H N, Max Goh, Jack and Uncle Cheong

All qualifiers are given a free limited edition t-shirt. Group photos of all the qualifiers wearing the limited edition t-shirts are taken on that day as well.

There are also Lucky Draw at the end of the Grand Final tournament with many attractive prizes to be won.

Here are the 32 Qualifiers for the Grand Final.

Here are the results of the Grand Final:
The final match is between Joker (Friends Forever + Alien Egg Gold-All Doubling) and Galleon (Victory Road + Alien Egg Gold-All Doubling) and the winner is Joker won by Goh Soon Meng.
Congrats to Goh Soon Meng who won the Gold Champion and walked home with the Dragon Trophy plus other attractive prizes and Congrats to Silver Champion, Clement Lim, Bronze Champions, Samuel Li and Keith Lim. Also Congrats the 5th to 16th placings in the Grand Final as they also walked home with some prizes.

Gold Champion, Goh Soon Meng (holding the Dragon Trophy)

 Silver Champion, Clement Lim (Left)

 Bronze Champion, Samuel Li (Left)

Bronze Champion, Keith Lim (Left)

Video of the final match between Joker and Galleon.

Heavenly Kings for Nov 2013 are:
Kuang Yu Xuan
Kuang Yu Heng
Kang Tuan Vi
Lin Jing Ting

Heavenly Guardians for Nov 2013 are:
Max Goh (Green Dragon)
Melvin Chiu (White Tiger)
Gregory Teng (Turtle Snake)
Chua Hong Kiow (Fire Phoenix)

Top 20 Players for Nov 2013 are:
1. Kuang Yu Xuan Brown Belt 1 Kyu
2. Kuang Yu Heng Brown Belt 2 Kyu
3. Kang Tuan Vi Brown Belt 3 Kyu
4. Lin Jing Ting Brown Belt 3 Kyu
5. Max Goh Brown Belt 3 Kyu
6. Melvin Chiu Brown Belt 3 Kyu
7. Gregory Teng Red Belt 4 Kyu
8. Chua Hong Kiow Red Belt 4 Kyu
9. Chua Kim Heok Red Belt 4 Kyu
10. Goh Jie Liang Red Belt 4 Kyu
11. Justin Ng Red Belt 4 Kyu
12. Jeffrey Ng Red Belt 4 Kyu
13. Ricky Ong Red Belt 4 Kyu
14. George Gan Red Belt 4 Kyu
15. Kang Hai Nguan Purple Belt 5 Kyu
16. Goh Soon Meng Purple Belt 5 Kyu
17. Dallas Teo Purple Belt 5 Kyu
18. Neville Chen Purple Belt 5 Kyu
19. Jacky Wong Blue Belt 6 Kyu
20. Galen Chen Blue Belt 6 Kyu

Grading Table as at 30 Nov 2013. Right click and open in a new tab for larger view.
Please note that the lion head logo in the Grading Table refers to the Honorary Black Belt holder who has contributed in the series of tournament held.

Congrats to all the lucky draw winners.
 1st Prize Winner

 2nd Prize Winner

3rd Prize Winner

The first cycle of the AK Legend of Champion is a great success and has come to an end.

A very BIG THANKS to all the AK fans for their participation and supports in the AK Legend of Champion series of tournaments.

Thanks to OmOcha!! Boss, Jack for organising the tournaments and giving out many attractive prizes for the tournaments and lucky draws.

Thanks to the Officials, Max Goh and Uncle Cheong for the well organised and well planned in the operations of all the tournaments and also must thank them for coming out with different ideas of playing the tournaments (Silver cards only, Gold Cards and below only and Normal Cards only tournaments). Good Job, guys.

Lastly, thanks to all the staffs of OmOcha!! World who have gave admin supports and taking photos for the winners.

 Gathering before taking the group photo

The Champions

Group photos of the Qualifiers wearing the limited edition t-shirt

The Gold Champion Trophy