Thursday, January 16, 2014


GAK GOD V4 will be launched in Japan on 23 Jan 2014.

Here is the card list. Right click and open in a new tab for larger view.

In this version, there are total 66 cards (36 Animal cards, 20 Friend cards and 10 Miracle cards).

There are 4 Ultra Rare cards, 2 Gold cards, 5 Huge cards, 6 Silver cards, 7 Bronze cards and 42 Normal cards.

Below are the foil cards.

36 Animal Cards (UR-4, G-2, HR-5, S-2, B-2 and N-21)

 A-169(UR) Leonardo

A-169-2(UR) Leonardo

 A-170(UR) Eighteen

 A-171(UR) Mask de Jumbo

 A-168(G) Bullet Accelerator

 A-175(G) Alligator Snapping Turtle

 A-181C(HR) - Hippo Larry

 A-182C(HR) Lion

 A-183C(HR) Orangutan

 A-184C(HR) Florida Bark Scorpion

 A-185C(HR) Purple Sea Urchin

 A-172(S) Sergeant Zaikku

 A-178(S) Spiny Flower Mantis

 A-176(B) Matamata

A-179(B) Dead Leaf Mantis

20 Friend Cards (S-3, B-3, N-14)

 F-118(S) Lee Gale

 F-119(S) Green Turtle Roshi

 F-127(S) Florida Bark Scorpion

 F-120(B) Sergeant Zaikku

 F-123(B) Matamata

F-125(B) Dead Leaf Mantis
10 Miracle Cards (S-1, B-2 and N-7)


 M-098(B) Alien Egg M

M-101(B) Alien Egg S