Thursday, April 17, 2014


OmOcha!! World will be organising "Battle of the Kaisers" AK Tournaments on 11 Sundays from Apr to Jun 2014 (refer to the poster below) at OmOcha!! World at Plaza Singapura (#06-14).

The registration fee shall be $8 per participant per session.

Capitaland or NTUC Fairprice Vouchers to be won weekly. Top 2 winners of each Sunday will also receive a Gold and a Silver medal.

There will be 3 sessions (11.30am, 1pm and 2.30pm) each Sunday. The top 2 players from each session (total 6 players) will have a final battle to determine the winners to receive the medals and the vouchers.

If you are one of the Top 2 in the 1st session, you are not allow to participate in the 2nd and 3rd session.

The amount of the prize vouchers to be won will be based on the total turn out of the 3 sessions in each Sunday (refer to the poster below). For example, on 20 Apr 2014, 1st session (11.30am) got 22 participants, 2nd session (1pm) got 24 participants and 3rd session (2.30pm) got 30 participants. The total participants for the 3 sessions are 76 then Band 2 prizes shall apply.

Please note that there will be a Champions Tournament for OmOcha "Battle of the Kaisers" which will be held on 29 Jun 2014.
Only the Gold and Silver Champions of each Sunday will be qualify for this Champions Tournament. 22 or less qualifiers (Qualify slot is not transferable and will not roll over) will have a final showdown on 29 Jun 2014 where the Champion of the Champions will walk away with a trophy.

Any participant who displays poor sportsmanship or undesirable behaviour such as use of vulgarities will be disqualified.

Tournament Official's decision on results shall be final and Organiser reserves all rights to amend the rules and regulations without prior notice.