Friday, June 27, 2014


Great Animal Kaiser English Version 1 has finally launched in Singapore at Timezone outlets and Zone X outlets on 26 June 2014.

The new features in GAK are there will be mission mode where you need to clear levels to receive items which can increase your animal's health and strength. You can also receive the stronger animals (Kaiser Celeo, Kaiser Blue, Kaiser Icarus, Demon Bull Algol etc) if you can win them in the final round during the game play. But you need to get the ID card first in order to store all the items which you have received from your game play (refer to the new feature poster below).

The ID cards are available for purchase at the Timezone and Zone X outlets counter.

A set of promo combo cards ("Bolt" fighter cards, "Rajan" friend card and "Wonder Punishment No. 1" miracle card) are released as well.

The GAK volume 1 comic book is also available free of charge when you purchase the ID card.

I have took a video of the Game Play below.

There are total 80 cards consist of 40 Fighter cards, 25 Friend cards and 15 Miracle cards which is the same as the Japanese V1.

In the 40 Fighter cards, there are 1 Ultra Rare (Kaiser Celeo), 2 Gold (Kaiser Blue and Kaiser Icarus), 4 Silver (Bengal Tiger, Hammerhead Shark, Golden Eagle and Asian Giant Hornet), 7 Bronze (Gray Wolf, Smalltooth Sawfish, Polar Bear, Nile Crocodile, Indian Cobra, African Elephant and Indian Rhino) and 26 Normal cards.

For the 25 Friend cards, there are 5 Bronze (Cheetah, Indo-Pacific Sailfish, Japanese Long-eared Bat, Coral Snake and Giant Panda) and 20 Normal cards.

As for the 15 Miracle cards, there are 1 Silver (Crashing Moon-Lucky Break), 2 Bronze (Alien Egg Knock and Wonder Punishment No. 1-All Doubling) and 12 Normal cards.

New Features in GAK

5 GAK machines in Tampines Mall Timezone

$2.80 per game which I think is quite expensive

The card list for GAK V1 with the ID card and a set of promo cards

The 1st set of GAK promo cards (Bolt fighter card, Rajan friend card and Wonder Punishment No. 1 miracle card)

GAK Volume 1 Comic Book

The video of Kaiser Blue and Rajan Team Game Play

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