Monday, June 8, 2015


GAK Bigger 7 will be launched in Japan on 11 June 2015.

This version theme is Plant Animals.

There are total 61 cards to collect in this version.

Fighter cards - 27 (Ultra Rare-4, Gold-2, Silver-2, Bronze-2, Normal-17)
Friend cards - 19 (Gold-2, Silver-3, Bronze-3, Normal-11)
Miracle cards - 9 (Gold-1, Silver-2, Bronze-3, Normal-3)
Bigger cards - 6 (Gold-1, Silver-1, Bronze-1, Normal-3)

The card list is not out yet. Shall post it here once it's available.

Here's the card list for this version.

Below are the foil cards in this version.

Fighter Foil Cards - 10 Cards (UR-4, G-2, S-2, B-2)

Friend Foil Cards - 8 Cards (G-2, S-3, B-3)

Miracle Foil Cards - 6 Cards (G-1, S-2, B-3)

Bigger Foil Cards - 3 Cards (G-1, S-1, B-1)

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