Monday, December 14, 2015


Congrats to all the winners in the GAK Path of the Great Kaiser 3rd Qualifying Round held at OmOcha!!World on 12 Dec 2015.

Also Congrats to all the lucky draw winners.

Thanks to OmOcha!!World for organising the Tournaments and the Attractive Prizes.
Also Thanks to all the players for their participation in the Tournaments.

Attractive Prizes for the Tournament and Lucky Draw

Here are the results:

1st Session:
Champion - Kang KH (qualified for CoC)
2nd - Dexter Chiang

1st Session: Champion is Kang KH (left) and 2nd is Dexter Chiang 

2nd Session:
Champion - Yu Kang (qualified for CoC)
2nd - Jing Ting

2nd Session: Champion is Yu Kang (left) and 2nd is Jing Ting

3rd Session:
Champion - Goh SM (qualified for CoC)
2nd - Leong WH

3rd Session: Champion is Goh SM (left) and 2nd is Leong WH

Here are the CoC Qualifiers after the 3rd Qualifying Round:
1) Jason Kang
2) Kuang LY
3) Leong WH
4) Melvin Chiu
5) Amir
6) Gerald Yeo
7) Kang KH
8) Yu Kang
9) Goh SM

Most Champion Player (MCP) ranking after the 3rd Qualifying Round:
1) Melvin Chiu with 2 Champions
2) Amir with 1 Champion and 1 Runner-up
3) Leong WH with 1 Champion and 1 Runner-up
4) Yu Kang with 1 Champion and 1 Runner-up
5) Jason Kang with 1 Champion
6) Kuang LY with 1 Champion
7) Kang KH with 1 Champion
8) Goh SM with 1 Champion
9) Cheong KP with 1 Runner-up
10) Richard with 1 Runner-up
11) Alfie with 1 Runner-up
12) Gerald Yeo with 1 Runner-up
13) Dexter with 1 Runner-up
14) Jing Ting with 1 Runner-up

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