Monday, January 11, 2016

GAK TOURNAMENTS - 16 & 23 JAN 2016

OmOcha!!World will be organising GAK Tournaments on 16 and 23 Jan 2016 as follow:

Date: 16 and 23 Jan 2016 (Sat)
Venue: OmOcha!!World at Plaza Singapura (#06-14)
Time: 1pm / 3pm / 4.30pm
Brackets: 16 - 24
Type: Single Elimination Knock Out
Card Usage: Any Combo (Can Use AK and AK Evo Animal and Miracle Cards)
Usage of GAK ID Card: YES and CAN use item

Prizes for the 1pm and 4.30pm Session:
Champion – Gold Champion Demon Tigar Phobos Card + Deck Box
1st Runner-up – Silver Champion Kaiser Max Card + Deck Box

Prizes for the 3pm Session:
Champion – Gold Champion Demon Bull Algol Card + Deck Box
1st Runner-up – Silver Champion Schneider Card + Deck Box

Registration Fee: 
Adult: $8 per entry
Children (Below 16 years old): $6 per entry 

There will be a lucky draw at the end of 3rd session. 

Please remember to bring along your OmOcha!!World GAK card to collect stamps and exchange for GAK collectibles. 

1) Only original English version AK and GAK cards allow.
2) All participants cards will be checked by Tournament Officials before they can be scanned for play.
3) Any participant who displays poor sportsmanship and/or undesirable behaviour will be disqualified.
4) Tournament Officials decision on the result is final and Organiser reserves all rights to amend the rules without prior notice.

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