Friday, July 29, 2016


SAKE 3 card list has been released in AK Website.
This version will be the Dark Force theme.
There are 79 different cards (49 Fighter cards, 20 Friend cards and 10 Miracle cards) to be collected.

The rarity cards in this version are as follow:
Ultra Rare - 3 cards
Special Rare - 8 cards
Gold - 3 cards
Silver - 6 cards
Bronze - 7 cards
Normal - 52 cards

The new Guardians in SAKE 3 is Death Scorch and Hippo Daddy.
Death Scorch ability is reduce the opponent's health to 1.
As for Hippo Daddy, I think that there is printing error as it's name is wrong and if I am not wrong, Hippo Daddy ability should be Smelly Gas.

The new skills in this version are as shown in the picture below.

There are some new abilities in the Friend cards and they are Miracle Jammer, Best Attack Block and Finishing Attack.
This Gaiioth Friend card seem like quite strong as it can jam miracle attack and can block best attack.
By the way, all the dark force animals friend card can Best Attack Block ability.
The Finishing Attack can be found in Dark Scorpion and Red Scorpion Friend card and I wonder what ability is that.

The Dark Force Friend jigsaw cards.

The new mission map in SAKE 3.

There are some printing errors in the card list.
Gaiioth and Yokozuna Jr. are Silver Rare.
Schwarz Jr. is Bronze Rare.
Notus and Oorlog are Normal.

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