Monday, May 7, 2012

AK Facebook Tournament

Animal Kaiser Fan Site will be holding AK Facebook Tournament again. The closing date for submission of your combo will be 7 May 2012. (!/animalkaiserfan)
Here's the rules and regulations for this tournament.

#Rule and How to entry#

1. Take the photo of your favorite 3 cards combo that are animal, strong and miracle.

2. Upload the photo to Animal Kaiser Fan Site wall in Facebook (!/animalkaiserfan) with your "NAME", "Country" and "Name of your cards"!!!

3. Deadline is 7th May.

4. 16 participants are choosen by drawing!!! (in case over 16 applicants)

5. They will do the tournament in JAPAN and play with your combo instead of you!!

6. They will upload the movie of the battle!!

7. Finally one winner will be decided!!!

8. Champion can get "Special Prize"!!! The price will be send to YOU!!!

Below are the 16 participants drawn.
Good luck to all (including me, lol).