Monday, September 17, 2012


ONE PIECE AR Carddass Formation card game is available in smart phone now. Installation is free.
How to play it.
1) Download the app (free).
You must download the "One Piece ARcarddass Formation" app to play the game. A Wi-Fi connection required to download the application.
The application can be downloaded from IOS devices App Store or Andriod OS Devices Google Play.

2) Scan the AR code and read serial code.
You have to scan the serial code to register a card into the app.
After the application has started up, select "AR Scan" on the right-hand menu bar to register a card.

Read the AR code printed in the middle of the back of the card as shown in the diagram. Then read the serial code printed on the back. (Note: You can't register a card with just the AR code.)

3) Once your card is registered, start the battle.
After registered a card, you can choose that character as your opponent.
To battle against the character on the card, go to "Battle" > "Crew Battle" on the right-hand menu bar, then tab "Change" on the target side. Or just choose "Start battle now" when the 3D character appears after you scan AR code.
And if you defeat that character and clear the given mission, you can register them to your playable characters.

4) Scan three cards at the same time to battle boss.
With the app. not only you can fight one-on-one crew battle, but you can also team up three characters to challenge against a strong opponent in a Boss Battle.

To form a team for a Boss Battle challenge:
First, select "List" > "My Team" from the right-hand menu bar.
Then form a team on the team slot from the second page or after (team on the first page are basic team and cannot be changed) to move to the scan screen.
Select "Formation". Then scroll left and right to choose your team formation. Get 3 cards ready for each battle position in your formation (the 3 cards selected must be your crew members), then select "Confirm" and the formation of your new team is complete.

There are total 49 cards to collect for ONE PIECE English Version 1 which consist of:
1) 2 King Rare (KR) cards
2) 7 Super Rare (SR) cards
3) 8 Rare (R) cards
4) 10 Uncommon (UC) cards
5) 22 Common (C) cards

The One Piece cards are available in "Comics Connection" stores. There may be other stores selling it. I will update more on where to buy the cards once I have more information.
There are 3 cards in a pack.

These are the cards I have at the moment (Updated on 18 Sep 2012).