Friday, November 8, 2013


GAK GOD Version 3 will be launched in Japan on 14 Nov 2013.

Here's the intro video.

In this version, there are total 65 cards to collect. 35 Animal, 20 Friend and 10 Miracle cards.
There are 4 Ultra Rare, 4 Fossil Rare, 2 Gold Rare, 6 Silver Rare, 7 Bronze Rare and 42 Normal cards.
There are 2 Kaiser Regulus Ultra Rare cards in this version. First time in Animal Kaiser history that there are 2 same Ultra Rare cards in a version.

The boss is Kaiser Regulus. There's also Death Scorch with a halo, is it called "Kaiser Death Scorch"?
This time round, there are 4 extinct animals (Mammoth, Saber-toothed Tiger, Archaeopteryx and Dunkleosteus) appeared which I think is called the "Fossil" Rare cards.

Here's the card list. Right click and open in a new tab for larger view.

Here are all the foil cards in this version.
Animal - 35 Cards (Ultra Rare-4, Fossil Rare-4, Gold-2, Silver-2, Bronze-2 and Normal-21)
A-150 Kaiser Regulus (UR)
A-150-2 Kaiser Regulus (UR)
 A-151 Oorlog (UR)
A-157 Kaiser Brutus (UR)
 A-164C Mammoth (FR)
 A-165C Saber-toothed Tiger (FR)
 A-166C Archaeopteryx (FR)
A-167C Dunkleosteus (FR)
 A-158 Killer Whale (G)
 A-160 European Bison (G)
 A-152 Notus (S)
 A-156 Mach Accelerator (S)
 A-153 Gaiioth (B)
A-162 Black Panther (B)

Friend - 20 Cards (Silver-3, Bronze-3, Normal-14)
 F-107 Gaiioth (S)
 F-108 Yokozuna (S)
 F-112 Humpback Whale (S)
 F-109 Schwarz (B)
 F-113 Narwhal (B)
F-115 Giant Death Stalker Scorpion (B)

Miracle - 10 Cards (Silver-1, Bronze-2, Normal-7)
 M-090 Advent of the Ice Age (S)
 M-087 Alien Egg (B)
M-092 (B)