Monday, November 4, 2013


The last 2 qualifying rounds (only normal cards) for the OmOcha AK Legendary Champion were held at OmOcha!! World at Plaza Singapura on 2 Nov 2013 (Sat).
As usual, both the sessions are full.

 1pm session participants

3.30pm session participants

Thanks to the participants taking part in the 2 sessions of the tournament.
Thanks to Max and Uncle Cheong for successfully organised the tournaments.
Thanks to the OmOcha's staff for taking the pictures and paste them on the Hall of Fame.

Good News for those who have not qualify for the Grand Final!
Please note that on 30 Nov 2013, there is going to be a mini tournament held at 2.30pm. ONLY those who have not qualify are allowed to participate in this mini tournament. The Grading System will be included in this mini tournament.

Here's the results for the 2 sessions held on 2 Nov 2013.
1pm session:
Final match is between Master Hippo Harry (Advanced Technology + Giant Durian-P Guard) and Scorch (Advanced Technology + Fissure-G Guard). The winner is Master Hippo Harry won by Goh Soon Meng.
Congrats to Goh Soon Meng for winning the Gold Champion and Madam Chua Hong Kiow for winning the Silver Champion.

Gold Champion, Goh Soon Meng (Left) and Silver Champion, Madam Chua Hong Kiow

Video of the final match between Master Hippo Harry and Scorch

3.30pm session:
As both brother and sister went into the final so Yu Xuan let her brother Yu Heng won as he has the advantage if he won the Gold Champion.
Congrats to both of them for winning the Gold and Silver Champion.

Gold Champion, Yu Heng (Left) and Silver Champion, Yu Xuan

Congrats to the below participants who have promoted on 2 Nov 2013.
Kuang Yu Heng - Brown Belt 2 Kyu
Kuang Yu Xuan - Brown Belt 2 Kyu
Max Goh - Brown Belt 3 Kyu
Melvin Chiu - Brown Belt 3 Kyu
Jeffrey Ng Siu Kong - Red Belt
Justin Ng - Red Belt
Chua Hong Kiow - Purple Belt
George Gan - Purple Belt
Goh Soon Meng - Blue Belt
Serene Lim - Blue Belt
Kenneth Lim - Blue Belt
Lenny Lai - Green Belt
Steven Chen - Green Belt
Jaren Gan - Yellow Belt
Joel Loh - Yellow Belt
Vincent Tang - Yellow Belt

The Grading Table as at 2 Nov 2013.

New toy catcher machine in OmOcha!! World

 Top 8 players in the 1pm session

Top 8 players in the 3.30pm session