Monday, November 11, 2013


GCA Bronze Champions Tournament was held on 9 Nov 2013 at United Square Shopping Mall at 2pm.
32 players were there to "fight" for the Bronze Champion Trophy on 9 Nov 2013.

Bronze Champion Trophy

Thanks to GCA for all the attractive prizes for the Tournament and Lucky Draw.

Here is the result of the final match:
Final match is between Leo, the Lion Cub (Advanced Technology and Giant Merlion-P Guard) and Blue, the Young Shark (Sealord's Insignia and Giant Meteor-All Big). The winner is Leo, the Lion Cub won by Lin Jing Ting. Congrats to Lin Jing Ting for winning the Gold Champion and bring home the Bronze Champion Trophy. Also congrats to Lenny for winning the Silver medal, Galen for winning the Bronze medal and Jaren for winning the 4th position.

Video of the final match between Leo and Blue.

 Gold Champion, Lin Jing Ting

 Silver Champion, Lenny Lai

Bronze Champion, Galen 

4th Position, Jaren Gan

Here are the participants who promoted on 9 Nov 2013.
George Gan Red Belt
Lenny Lai Blue Belt
Jaren Gan Orange Belt
Chua Hong Kiow Red Belt
Galen Chen Green Belt
Ricky Ong Purple Belt
Lin Jing Ting Brown Belt 3 Kyu

These are the top 20 as at 9 Nov 2013.
1. Kuang Yu Xuan Brown Belt 1 Kyu
2. Kuang Yu Heng Brown Belt 2 Kyu
3. Kang Tuan Vi Brown Belt 3 Kyu
4. Lin Jing Ting Brown Belt 3 Kyu
5. Max Goh Brown Belt 3 Kyu
6. Melvin Chiu Brown Belt 3 Kyu
7. Gregory Teng Red Belt 4 Kyu
8. Chua Hong Kiow Red Belt 4 Kyu
9. Chua Kim Heok Red Belt 4 Kyu
10. Goh Jie Liang Red Belt 4 Kyu
11. Justin Ng Red Belt 4 Kyu
12. Jeffrey Ng Red Belt 4 Kyu
13. George Gan Red Belt 4 Kyu
14. Kang Hai Nguan Purple Belt 5 Kyu
15. Dallas Teo Purple Belt 5 Kyu
16. Neville Chen Purple Belt 5 Kyu
17. Ricky Ong Tong Wang Purple Belt 5 Kyu
18. Jacky Wong Blue Belt 6 Kyu
19. Kuang Liang Yong Blue Belt 6 Kyu
20. Chiang Cheh Wei Blue Belt 6 Kyu

Grading Table as at 9 Nov 2013. Right click and open in a new tab for larger view.

 Top 8 Players

Lucky Draw 1st Prize Winner (so happy until both eyes closed. Hahaha!)