Friday, September 6, 2013


GAK GOD Version 2 is going to launch in Japan on 12 Sep 2013.
In this version, there are total 63 cards (31 Animal, 22 Friend and 10 Miracle) to collect.
There are 3 Ultra Rare cards, 2 Gold cards, 6 Silver cards, 9 Bronze cards and 43 Normal cards.
Wonder why there is no GOD RARE card in this version and if no God Rare card, why it's called GAK GOD V2?
Anyway, here's the GAK GOD VERSION 2 CARD LIST and here's the GAK GOD V2 TRAILER.

Right click and open in a new tab for larger view.

31 Animal Cards (3 Ultra Rare, 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze and 21 Normal)
A-135 Mecha Tiger (UR) 

A-136 Mecha Whale (UR) 

A-137 Mecha Lion Elite (UR) 

 A-138 Mecha Shark-DX (S)

A-139 Mecha Eagle-DX (B) 

 A-141 Accelerator (B)

 A-142 Blue Whale (G)

 A-143 Sperm Whale (B)

 A-146 King Cobra (G)

A-147 Piranha (S)

22 Friend Cards (3 Silver, 4 Bronze and 15 Normal)
 F-093 Devil Mammoth (S)

 F-094 Mecha Eagle-DX (S)

 F-095 Mecha Gorilla-DX (B)

 F-098 Giant Salamander (S)

 F-099 Sperm Whale (B)

F-101 Starburst Tarantula (B)

10 Miracle Cards (1 Silver, 2 Bronze and 7 Normal)
 M-075 (B)

 M-079 Great Comet (S)

M-080 Alien Egg

Wonder what these 3 cards can do?