Sunday, September 8, 2013


Both the 3rd and 4th session of the OmOcha!! AK Legendary Champion Qualifying Rounds are full.
Thanks to all the support from the AK fans.
Thanks to Max Goh and Uncle Cheong for hosting the two sessions of the AK tournament.

Participants for the 3rd Session 

Participants for the 4th Session

In the 3rd session final, the battle is between Armageddon Vertus (Forever Friends + Aligned Planets-All Doubling) and Elder Pedronomus (Victory Road + Alien Vault-Slot Jammer). The winner is Elder Pedronomus won by Chiang Chen Wei.

Here's the video of the final match between Armageddon Vertus and Elder Pedronomus

Congrats to Chiang Chen Wei who won the Gold and Kang Tuan Vi who won the Silver. Both will be qualified for the Grand Final.

Gold Champion, Chiang Chen Wei (Right) and Silver Champion, Kang Tuan Vi

In the 4th session, the final match is between Kaiser Coral (Forbidden Power + Alien Egg Gold-All Doubling) and Brutus (Ocean Power + Alien Egg Gold-Lucky Chance). The winner of this final match is Kaiser Coral won by Gregory Teng.

Here's the final match between Kaiser Coral and Brutus

Congrats to Gregory Teng for winning the Gold and Lin Jing Ting for winning the Silver. Both of them will be in the Grand Final.

Gold Champion, Gregory Teng (Left) and Silver Champion, Lin Jing Ting

Below is the Grading as at 7 Sep 2013. Right click and open in a new tab for a larger view.

The Toy Catcher and Fishing machines in OmOcha!! World at Plaza Singapura

This is one of the favourites in OmOcha!! World @ Plaza Singapura where the catcher need to catch the alphabets in the pyramid packets and exchange for the toys, thumb-drive, key chains, etc.

The photos of gold and silver champions in the qualifying rounds will be display here on the board.

The top 8 in the 3rd session.

The photos of the gold and silver champions in the 3 sessions are displayed here on the board. Thanks to the two cute gal staffs (who appeared in one of the pictures in my post during the opening of OmOcha on 31 Aug 2013) of OmOcha!! who took the picture and paste it on the board.

The top 8 in the 4th session