Monday, September 2, 2013


Congrats to OmOcha!! on the new outlet opening at Plaza Singapura on 31 Aug 2013.
Thanks to OmOcha!! for the buffet spread and organising the AK Legendary Champion Qualifying Round Tournaments during the opening.
Wishing OmOcha!! new outlet business will bloom bloom bloom.

OmOcha!! New Outlet at Plaza Singapura (#06-14)

Flower from AK Family Wishing OmOcha!! Business Will Bloom.

Many customers playing the "Rainbow Table" where players throw the tokens onto the rainbow targets and win prizes

So many customers playing the "Rainbow Table" when the boss of OmOcha!! tending the stall. Business sure bloom when the boss  is around.

Take a look at the cute gal staff on the right posing while I taking picture and the other cute gal staff on the left staring at the posing girl and think in her mind, "don't come and help, posing there, so vain". Hahaha!!

AK machines corner.

Here are the Champions in the 1st and 2nd session of the Legendary Champion Qualifying Round.

1pm Session:
Gold Champion: Jacky Wong (Elder Pedronomus + Victory Road + Alien Egg Gold-All Doubling)
Silver Champion: Clarence Ho (Armageddon Vertus + Victory Road + Aligned Planets-All Doubling)

3.30pm Session:
Gold Champion: Chua Kim Heok
Silver Champion: Gine Ong

Congrats to the 4 Champions who will be qualified for the Grand Final on 30 Nov 2013.

Not only must thanks to OmOcha!! for organising this tournament, we must also thanks to Max Goh and Uncle Cheong for running the 2 tournaments so smoothly and successfully and it was well organised too. Without them, we won't be able to enjoy the game. Thanks Guys.

Here's the video of the final match for the 1st session between Elder Pedronomus and Armageddon Vertus.

1st Session: Gold Champion, Jacky (Right) and Silver Champion, Clarence (the boy at the extreme right also want to have a part in this champions picture. Hahaha!!)

2nd Session: Gold Champion, Chua Kim Heok (Left) and Silver Champion, Gine Ong

Here's the update on the Grading of the participants as at 31 Aug 2013.
Right click and open in a new tab for a better view.

 The Participants for the 1pm Session.

The Legendary Champion Trophy.