Sunday, September 15, 2013


The 5th and 6th session of the OmOcha!!! AK Legendary Champion were all full (32 players).
Thanks to both the officials Max Goh and Uncle Cheong for successfully organised the 2 sessions of the tournament. It's really not easy to organise the tournaments with 32 players with 2 AK machines.
Anyway, below are the results for the 2 sessions.

5th session participants. 

6th session participants.

The 5th session final match is between Elder Pedronomus (Victory Road + Alien Vault-Slot Jammer) and Armageddon Vertus (Forbidden Power + Alien Egg Gold-Lucky Chance) and the winner is Elder Pedronomus won by Jacky Wong. Congrats to Jacky Wong and Max Goh for winning the Gold and Silver Champion respectively.

Top 8 in the 5th session.

Gold Champion, Jacky Wong (left) and Silver Champion, Max Goh

6th session final match is between Ninja Trained Siegfried (Victory Road + Alien Egg Gold-All Doubling) and Armageddon Vertus (Destructive Desire + Aligned Planets-All Doubling) and the winner is Ninja Trained Siegfried won by Xavier Sng. Congrats to Xavier Sng for winning the Gold Champion and Dexter Chiang for winning the Silver Champion.

Top 8 in the 6th session.

Gold Champion, Xavier Sng (left) and Silver Champion, Dexter Chiang

Here are the videos of the 5th and 6th session final match.

Elder Pedronomus vs Armageddon Vertus

Ninja Trained Siegfried vs Armageddon Vertus

Grading table as at 14 Sep 2013.
Right click and open in a new tab for larger view.

Here are the photos of the Grading leading players as at 7 Sep 2013.

Leading in the Grading is Kang Tuan Vi who is a blue belt holder.

 Gregory Teng is green belt

 Jacky Wong is green belt.

Chua Kim Heok is also green belt.

 Here's another 2 toy catcher machines at Plaza Singapura OmOcha!!! World

The photos of the champions for the 4 sessions are up on the Hall of Fame board.

Nice Ironman War Machine armour in one of the toy catcher machine

The kids are having fun throwing the tokens on the Rainbow Table